Christmas Questions ~ Day 19

What's your favorite Christmas commercial?

Here's a few of mine:

How can you not smile while watching that?!

You know why I think I love these commercials so much? They aren't saying "If you don't buy this for your kid, they will have the worst Christmas ever!!" They are not about a savings pass or free shipping. They aren't about the latest gadget or do-dad {yes, I just said do-dad!}

These are TIMELESS commercials folks...most of them I've watched since I was a kid. They speak to the heart of what Christmas is all about...Magic...music...love for family and friends...taking care of people...good cheer!

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Robin Allen said...

I do not know how to put commercials on here...but I like the Folgers Coffee one, when the son comes home and surprises MOM...and the LL Bean one with children who strap on head-lamps then are in various states of sleep and lights are shining every which way ...they were waiting on Santa...of course I too love the Budweiser horses during the Holidays...