Christmas Questions ~ Day 22

What symbol of Christmas has special meaning to you?

I love the image of the Christmas star, or the star of Bethlehem.

What a birth announcement?  I just think that seeing this symbol during this time of year is a good reminder of what we are celebrating in the first place.  None of this other madness would even exist if it weren't for that baby born in a manger.  Whose birth was announced by a star!!!

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Robin Allen said...

I too like the star....I am relentless with the local co - op till they turn it on...way up on top of the elevator...this year I had to bribe them with fudge....but then I also love angels....I have several favorites on my tree and several find a place on a shelf...then I have 2 little elves...that I have had for over 30 years...and they always make me smile....then there is the CANDY CANE...and the story behind it...sorry I am incapable of liking just ONE of anything....