Christmas Questions ~ Day 7

7. What's your favorite holiday tradition?

By far my favorite tradition is attending church on Christmas Eve!  Our church hosts two services each Christmas Eve; one at 7 and one at 11.  Before I had kids we attended the 11pm service, but now we opt for the earlier service because it's just too much to keep the kids up that late and then have Christmas morning shortly after!  


It's mostly signing traditional Chirstmas hymns and reading from the Bible.  Then at the end we make a huge circle around the sanctuary and sing Silent Night while we light candles...it's MAGICAL!!  I cry every.single.time....but I wouldn't have it any other way!



If this picture doesn't get you...well, you must have a heart of coal.


Melissa said...

Each year we adopt a huge family from Catholic Charities and buy them all gifts. Harper gets really into picking out just the right gift for all of them...especially the kids. Then we wrap them and deliver them to a church who then disperses them. I never see the looks on their faces, but I imagine that they are all smiles...as our hearts are filled with joy!

Melanie said...

You stole my next week fast fact. .my fave tradition was just like yours! You'll have to wait until next week to read it :-) BUT. .a heads up. .you need to think of a PAST trad that you loved!!

Anonymous said...

Christmas Eve service! I love that you make a circle for Christmas Eve candlelight, that sounds incredible! This has been a difficult tradition the past few years. I have always celebrated Christmas Eve at the church I grew up in. Always. And for many years, that was also the church I attended as an adult. However, the past few years, my family has started to attend a different church. My kids aren't sure why we aren't going to Christmas Eve at 'our' church. The church I grew up in is still 'grandma's' church, so it is not a real stretch for them. However, it is an inner conflict for me as to where we belong on Christmas Eve. Wow, didn't mean to turn this into a therapy session! But I am crying, and I don't think I realized what a difficult/stressful situation it has been for me until just now. Traci

Megan said...

My very favorite holiday tradition is attending Christmas Eve service with my family, spending the night with my parents, and waking up together to enjoy presents and breakfast in our pajamas!

Anonymous said...

Update! I've been thinking a lot since you made me cry yesterday (you'll shoulder the blame for that, right, Sara?). We will celebrate on Christmas Eve wherever we land. It is not about ME, but about HIM. I will not be anxious about this anymore. Less of me and MORE of God!