Cambree's 8th Birthday Party ~ Just Dance


We talked and talked about a party theme for weeks and FINALLY CJ decided that a dance party would be just the thing for her this year! I immediately agreed and we got right to work planning this EPIC birthday bash. We began with those cute disco ball invitations up there so all her family and friends wouldn't miss a bit of the action.

She decided to go with neon colors and animal prints for her decorations and that worked out perfectly because that stuff is easy to find right now. A disco ball was also on her wishlist, but man those things are kind of pricey and then there's the whole wiring it up thing to contend with. So I got crafty and made one out of a paper lantern and some silver glitter that I had just waiting for the perfect project. It was super fun....but I'm still finding silver glitter in my house!



We had lots of dance props for everyone as well. Fun hats, disco ball necklaces, microphones and clip in neon hair braids!!



We has also found some fun old records at the flea market to use as part of the party decor! Get a load of that Olivia Newton-John vinyl!!!


For food she sweet talked me into making homemade pizza! After Preston's party I said I wouldn't do that again, but how do you do it for one child and say no to another? So once again I rolled up my sleeves and had flour and pizza sauce flying around the kitchen.





I think it was a big hit! These empty trays are even after a HUGE salad I fixed was gobbled up and some veggies and dip as well! We have some big eaters in our family :)

Another request from the Birthday Girl was to use the chocolate fountain that I had used at Preston's class Valentine's party. I had borrowed it from my friend, Rachel and she so graciously said we could keep it until after the party.


We had LOTS of goodies to dip in the chocolate...Oreos, Strawberries, Graham Crackers, Pretzels, Marshmallows....YUM!





Matter of fact, it was a big a hit with the grown-ups as it was with the kids. So much so, that Dad got chocolate on his shirt and had to put on my Apron! The kids all thought this was pretty funny :)



For her cake, Cambree just wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting that said, "Happy Birthday Rock Star!" Easy enough. She's quite the talented young lady too because she did all the piping of the words on her own cake. That gave me some mixed emotions, but it's so much fun to help her learn new things....things I know she will carry on with her kids one day!




It turned out PERFECT!! And it was delicious too!!



So after we ate...and the kids had been in the chocolate fountain, they didn't want cake yet, so we let Cambree open her gifts.


This was her gift from mom and dad....a PARTY ROCKER sound and lights machine. Uncle Russ saved the day and the party by picking this up last minute for us before he came up for the party. The party definitely wouldn't have been as epic had we not had this little gem. It has lights that go with the beat of the music and a microphone! Every 8 year old girls dream! Plus it's Bluetooth and I could DJ the party from across the room!

The party guests just couldn't hardly contain themselves as they waited for CJ to finish opening the rest of her loot!


FINALLY she finished and we headed downstairs to the dance hall!


P & C had worked on some sort of choreography to Katie Perry's ROAR...it was pretty good!


Westynn took a little coaxing to get out there, but he eventually warmed up and then he was a dancing machine!!


It wasn't long before all the girls were hot, sweaty and red-faced! But they were having so much fun they couldn't stop!








Cambree even got her dad to dance and sing to a Luke Bryan song...there are no words to describe how hilarious this was to a basement full of 8 year old girls!



{Oh, he'll die when he finds out I put these on my blog! So don't go telling him, lol!}

And being the awesome mom that I am....I let them all eat cake the next morning before I took them home! You're Welcome parents!!



My Dearest Cambree Jane,
I have never met an 8 year old as vibrant and special as you are. I know I write this every year, but I'm blown away by your heart....it's as big and wide as an ocean!!! I think God gave you the biggest one possible. It's the thing I love most about you and it's what other people always notice right away. I pray that you heart remains to gently forever.

You are also really funny and lots of fun to spend time with. Now that you are older we can do more things together, like shopping and walking and harder craft projects. I love all the time we spend together and I hope that we will continue to do fun things together, always! My favorite thing we've done recently was when we talked to Grandma and Papa's house and back one nice afternoon. We had some good talk time and we got some good exercise in as well!

You are still patiently waiting on your Dad to get you a horse. You write a lot about it in your school work and you have been such a good girl about it. I hope he gets that horse for you this year and that you live it as much as you think you will. You've said before that you want to be a horse trainer when you grow up, so we'll get you headed down the right track! You're starting to read chapter books and that makes me extremely happy. I hope you'll develop a love of reading and one day we can share books with each other.

You chose a great theme for your birthday party and it was the most fun! You're such a creative girl and you had lots of great ideas for decorating. My prayers for you are that you will grow healthy and strong, you will continue to have a servant's heart, that you will always remain friends with your brothers, and most importantly that your heart will be open to Jesus and the Redeeming blood that He shed for you.


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