Love a Bargain!

I have been looking and looking for something to go in Cambree's new room since she has a full size bed now and we painted her room pink. I think I finally have an idea of how I want it all to go together. I ordered this adorable quilt for her today...

on sale and she said she wanted camo in her room! Then I want to get these decals

and these 3-D butterflies

to put up in her room. Sort of going for an outdoors type of thing, only a little more girly! She threw a fit the other night because Jeremy suggested hanging one of his deer in Preston's room and she wanted to have one in her room too! Maybe 3-D butterflies will make it better! Anyways, so any grandparents or other famil members looking for x-mas ideas for CJ, keep these decals and butterflies in mind. She absolutely does NOT need any more baby dolls and she doesn't really need any clothes, shoes, or toys for that matter. She did tell me the other day that she wants a "puter" from Santa...so maybe he will have to bring her one. I hope some day I can sneak a photo of her at my desk workin'! She's so darn cute when she does it, even though she usually messes something up. Luckily I have been able to fix all her "mistakes."

Speaking of photos I have been giving photo collages and whirl and have posted two up on my photog blog. I think they turned out pretty cute, hopefully the moms and dads will let me know what they think. If you have time, drop me a comment and let me know what you think. I am going to try and do one of Harper tonight, so we will see how that one comes together. I guess I should get busy working on that and try to get some sleep since I will be going to the church in the a.m.! (to work)!

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