Party Time!

We had the big 5th birthday parthy yesterday, so Preston is "officially" 5 now! It turned out to be a gorgeous day, which most of you know is a rare treat on one of my kids birthdays :) Preston really wanted to invite some friends this year, so I made a deal with him that he could make up the guest list, but he had to limit it to his 5 best friends. It was a difficult decision, but he finally decided that he wanted to invite
1. Kirstin
2. Kayden
3. Owen
4. Addison
This next one was really tricky and it just couldn't be decided, so I caved and let him invite 6!
5. Braton
6. Harper

I have a feeling our birthday party list won't change much over the next few years. Of course, we also invited all the family and boy was it wild around here! But I think a good time was had by all.

We had a Dinosaur theme and I made this orange cake, which I know that T-rex's aren't typically orange (how do they really know that anyway?) but again, it's what Mr. P wanted! We also had green punch (which got smashing reviews) and all the children were sugared up. Their parents were probably not thinking too highly of me when they picked them up and they were bouncing off the walls, and I also sent them home with a bag full of candy!

We played a game called dino-stomp, which I think would have been more fun with more people partcipating, but lesson learned by mom! I tied balloons to everyone's ankles and then they had to try and stomp someone else's balloon without getting theirs stomped on.

Then it was pinata time. And while we are talking about pinata's have any other mother's bought these contraptions lately? I thought I was never going to get candy into it. I had to pull paper out for what seemed like an eternity before I could even begin to put candy in. And then the "HUGE" bag of candy I did buy didn't even come close to fitting. Anyways, back to the kids. There was "llama-drama" with Preston because he wanted to be the ONLY one to hit it and he was mad that I let everyone else have a turn. In the end we gave everyone one turn and then we turned him loose on it without the blindfold. I had to help him get it open with the bat...those suckers are tough? Next year maybe we will go old-school and make our own paper mache version!

Preston had a great time, which was the goal, so I deem it a SUCCESS! He didn't want to go to bed last night (unless I would let him wear his new ou uniform, but I didn't) and he woke up this morning begging to put legos together and put his uniform back on ( which he did with his dad and I did let him wear it)!

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Melissa said...

I love the uniform! He looks like a pro already!
We had a great time at the party. Harper told everyone at school today about the pinata. So much fun!!!