The 3rd day of Christmas

Having all the ornaments on one branch....and the tree falls over during naptime! My kids won't always want to decorate the tree this way, but for now I cherish it.


Anonymous said...

Nice! When my siblings and I all moved out of the house, my mom decided to go with a 'theme' tree. She was getting rid of the ornaments I grew up with. Brian and I were newly married, couldn't afford ornaments, and so her junk became our treasure.

Thirteen years later, they are still our ornaments, but there are more broken in a pile under the tree than there seem to be hanging on the tree!

Brian told me the other night that we could start to buy ornaments this year of our own. I don't think he realizes what they cost!

Have a Great Day,

mom said...

I LOVE this way of decorating....there is talent in those children...trust me...PRICELESS!!!

Melissa said...

Hey...I think I have seen a tree like that...at my house! Kids are wonderful!