2nd Day of Christmas

Today's picture is the camel from our nativity scene. I was taking a picture of the entire scene when Cambree Jane said, "Here mom, you can take a picture of the buckaroo." I know you are wondering just where in the world this came from, so I will tell you. We have a game called 'Buckaroo' and the goal of the game is to try and load this horse up with supplies before he "bucks" them off. I am actually quite impressed with Cambree's intelligence, because I had never thought of it, but our camel does actually resemble buckaroo!

Another interesting sidenote is that Preston knows the name of our camel. While putting him on the table a few weeks back, he mentioned that he knew the camels name. Being the inquisitive mother that I am I had to ask. "What is that camels name?" "Humper. Yep, when that camel was little they called him Humper." I had a very swift talk with myself and managed not to crack up, because you know Preston was very serious about this.

Now would also be as good a time as any to tell you what Preston said about the angel. As we were setting up our scene the other day, Preston wondered where Jesus was. I asked, "Well, when was Jesus born?" He correctly answered, "Christmas". A few second later he asked what the angel was for and again I answered with a question, "What did the angel do?" He thought for just a moment and replied, "Made Jesus disappear?" No my little one, she is an angel, not a magician!


Anonymous said...

Yeah for kids and the things they come up with ~ thanks for sharing.


Melissa said...

Hilarious! Thanks for the sharing the laughs! :)