New Year!

2009 approached in a fury and look at us now, already 5 days into it! I mentioned in an earlier post that instead of having any "resolutions" I was going to make little goals and set aside one month to work on each. While thinking about the 12 mini goals I wanted to achieve this year, I came across this post on Ali Edwards site that is about choosing "one word" to focus on throughout the coming year. So on top of my monthly goals I will be working on patience as well. PATIENCE. That's my word for 2009. Patience with myself, with my spouse, with my children, with my co-workers, with my family, with strangers....in every aspect of my life try to have patience! I guess for me it's about realizing that things don't always have to get done right when I want them to or even the way that I want them to, but just getting them done should be good enough. I don't have to raise my voice at my kids, I choose to (wow, that's tough to admit!). There is an endless list of ways that I know I need to be more patient and as the year goes on maybe I will share a little with you about how I am doing! (But please don't ask me, because I don't want to have to be that accountable!!)

So, what's on my list? I know you are desperate to know and see how it compares to your own list...I will share mine, if you will share yours! I don't have 12 goals down on paper yet, but I have a few....

* Create more
* pray often
* go to bed early, get up early - train myself to do this!
* get moving
* book 40 photo sessions (okay this is really a year long goal, but it's important to me)
* slow down and let the kids help with more stuff....don't do it just because I can do it faster

It's hard to decide where to start, which goal will be the best to start with, which one will help me the most throughout the coming year. I think I am going to start with get moving and getting up early....I think these two are going to go hand in hand for me. We will see how it goes!

I have rambled on enough and I am sure you are sick and tired of my philosophy, so instead I will bore you with details of our upcoming trip to Miami! Jeremy and I are leaving on Wednesday (in 48 hours we will be in the air!) and on Thursday will be taking in probably a little of the beach and then the OU vs. Florida National Championship game. Friday, hopefully more beach and the art deco district (Jeremy will LOVE this! Okay not really, but I think there are going to be some great photo opps there!) Saturday, sleep in, hot breakfast and return home. It's a short trip, not nearly long enough, but I know I will be ready to get back home to the comforts of Kansas. You know, like the bitter cold and the raging wind! And I will be missing the kids as well.

I will post about our trip when we return, but don't expect anything between now and then. I am going to be busy packing and catching up on laundry...not sure which order those will be in yet! Have a terrific first week of 2009!

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