Christmas Re-cap

I know we are going on Christmas being two weeks ago, but I have the greatest comments from my children and I want to share them with you. Before I do, let me just tell you that this year had to have been the BEST Christmas that I can remember! Seeing the magic through the eyes of your own children is the most incredible thing! The kids were both big enough to understand what was going on, but not too old that they don't believe anymore. If it were up to me, I would never let them stop believing in the wonder of Christmas. (However, I would shorten Christmas break by about 3 days....any other moms ready to get back to the routine?)

So now on with the stories...

Preston was up early christmas morning (2:45 a.m.) with a tummy ache because all he had eaten the night before for supper was sugar cookies at the ranch (I didn't find this out until 2:45 a.m.!!!!). After getting some clean jammies on he wanted to know if Santa had come yet. So we went to the living room to check the cookies and milk we had left on the coffee table. Preston saw the empty plate and exclaimed, "He has been here!" Turning he saw the presents and said, "He brought us presents. How much longer till morning?" "A few hours, " I replied. "I better get back to bed then," he said as he scurried to his room! The fact that he was up with a tummy ache and I had a mess to clean up was completely overshadowed by the awe and amazement my little 5 year old had that early morning. He couldn't believe Santa had already been there...and he was just as eager to get back to bed and finish his rest so he could see what was in all those presents Santa had left.

Jump ahead a "few" hours to about 5:30 and Preston shows up at my bedside again with the big question "How much longer till morning?" Thinking I could wisely put him off until about 7:00 I said, "When the sun comes up." (The problem with this was that the sun stayed behind the clouds most of the morning and we played this scene over and over again in our bed until I finally relented and got up!)

But before I caved, Cambree Jane made her way into our room and climbed into bed to snuggle. Now the four of us were all laying there warm and cozy and my two darling children had a conversation that I will never forget .

P - "Cambree, St. Nicholas came last night! Santa Came!"
C - "He did? Did he bring presents?"
P - "Yes, a BUNCH!!!"
C - "Did you hear him?"
P - "No, I was asleep."
This is the moment when I cave and decide what the heck....let's get up and see what's in all those presents!
Cambree races to the living room and exclaims.."Look Mom, Presents!!!"

As soon as I got my camera I let them get into their stockings. Preston found a matchbox airplane in his and while he was hugging it tight to his chest, he said, "Somebody loves me!"

Cambree found new Princess panties in her stocking and she remarked, "OOOH, Fancy!"

I am sure there are a million other little things they said throughout the day and the season that were equally as cute or magical, but I simply wasn't aware enough to catch them. My absolute favorite memory is the coversation they had while snuggled in between Jeremy and I early that Christmas morning!

I know that Christmas is about so much more than presents and Santa, but when you are 2 & 5 there doesn't seem to be much else. What a great way to celebrate the birth of our Savior, giving presents to one another. Perhaps the tradition started when the Wise Men brought their gifts and a mother with small children saw the opportunity to teach her children as well as create some magic for them. Whatever the reason for the way we celebrate the birth of Jesus, I am glad we do and I am certain that I will remember this Christmas for as long as I live!

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