Same Old thing!

It feels like ages since I have posted an actual post about our lives! We have been busy this month just keeping up with the day to day! After we got back from our trip to Miami, I have been busy with Middle School basketball, finishing up the year and having our league tournament. With the conclusion of this, it means that I have a little bit of a break, before we jump into try-outs in March. I have had a lot of fun this year and just hope that next year I have another awesome group of girls. I have also had doctors appointments, photo sessions, and countless days of nausea (which means nothing has been done!).

Upcoming in our lives is a trip to Tulsa to see Walking with Dinosaurs this Saturday. Preston doesn't know about it yet...it is a mystery trip! It should be fun for all of us! We had one previous mystery trip and he about drove me nuts until he figured out we were going to the zoo. I don't think he will figure this one out though. I can't wait to journal it and take some pics.

I also have Crop-A-Ganza coming up Feb 6-8! This is an annual trip that I take with Melissa and we go and get caught up on our scrapbooks. It is a total blast and we talk non-stop. So far I have 28 pages planned including 133 photos! I can't believe I narrowed it down from the 881 I had to have printed just to get up-to-date from August 08! However that 28 page count doesn't include Christmas of this year, which I am considering doing mini albums for each of the kids. We will have to see how that plan goes!

I am trying to think of a photo that I could add here for some interest, but sadly, I haven't been too good with the camera around here lately! So here is a funny photo from an after-dinner jam session to the Eagles "Get Over It" which is our theme song!


Melissa said...

LOVE the pic! Does Jeremy? Can't wait for Ganza...but I still have some more pages to plan. I have about 15 done now. I am running out of creativity, so I may just bring the rest of the stuff with me!

Melissa said...

Love the Baby Counter! We are so excited for Baby Stapleton!!! :)

mom said...

Who says white people can't dance. Just say NO to karioke (sp?) laughin here at the Lazy A

Anonymous said...

First - have a great mystery trip weekend! Sounds like fun.

Second - I have actually clicked over to view this pic of Jeremy dancing many times, but have kindly refrained from commenting. But, I will say that it is incredible and simply shows Jeremy's love for his kids. Who doesn't love a dad that will do the funky chicken, or whatever that move is, with his kids!


Anonymous said...

Wait! I've looked again, maybe it's the robot?!?!