Baby Update ~ 14 weeks

I had a check-up last Friday and everything was good. In fact, Dr. Canatta said, "Keep up the good work; see you in a month!" It's a little bit irritating that a 5 minute "chat" can cost SOOOO much $$$! All I can say is Thank Goodness for Insurance! The other good news is that he went ahead and ordered my sonogram. But being the cheapskates that we are, we are just waiting until the 20th (my next visit with Dr. Canatta) to have it done. Plus the kids will be on spring break and no one will have to miss school to go. Oh yes, we are ALL going....and the kids are very excited, except a month is a long time to have to wait! They can't wait to find out whether it is a brother or sister and if I am honest, I am anxious to find out myself. At first I didn't think I wanted to find out because I know this is going to be our last one and there is something very special about having the dr. announce, "It's a boy!" as was the case with Preston. However, I am thinking that it will be good for the kids to get used to what they are having and we can call the baby him or her, he 0r she! Plus if it is a girl, Jeremy and I will need plenty of time to agree on a name! However, a boys name has already been decided....don't kid yourself though, you won't get to find that out until the baby is born! Life is Good!

More birthday preparations going on this week! In fact, Cambree got her first card in the mail yesterday. Check out what she said to the right in The Things My Children Say section! She carried that card around all day and protected it like it was made of gold. I finally had to get her to let me take a picture of her and the card.

The front says "Little Lady" and the inside says "You're the queen of cute! Happy Birthday!" Could there be a more perfect card for little miss? I think not!

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Glad to hear everything is good in the baby grow department.