Where to put the baby?

When someone approaches me about being pregnant again, almost always they ask, "Where are you going to put the baby?" Now, the hormonal, pregnant woman in me wants to reply, "Well our outbuilding has electricity and we just thought we would put a space heater out there and there will be plenty of room among the dog food and Christmas decorations!" Then the semi-hormonal, almost normal self would like to remind those living in Coldwater that the family who lived here before us had 6, yes that's right, 6 people and only ONE bathroom....somehow they managed and I figure we will too. Now, the radiantly happy, anal attentive mother that I am, loses more sleep over this question than one reasonably should. Someone will obviously have to share a bedroom and it scares the daylights out of me to think that Cambree could be the one to share. Don't get me wrong she is going to be the BEST big sister this world has ever seen, but she could just be a little too much help at times. She already wakes up Preston every morning if he isn't already awake. How in the world will I convince her to let her baby sister sleep, even though, "it's morging!" Preston on the other hand is old enough to be scared of me....he would let the baby sleep. He would also be less disturbed by anything that might go on during the night. He could easily go back to sleep, where Cambree would think she needed to help, no doubt. So to satisfy EVERYONE's curiosity....a boy will go in P's room and a girl will go in C's room. Just so there is no further concern here..I will post pics of the kids rooms and tell you just how big they are! Cambree's room measures about 15x15...notice the nice PINK glow from the curtains! It's the strangest thing! And, Megan, notice that I had to alter them....the curtain rod showing was making me bonkers! They didn't even last one evening before I broke out the sewing machine and "fixed" them! :) And yes, that's camouflage on CJ's bed...it's what she wanted!

Preston has the largest room in the house measuring 16x16!

I think we will find someway to manage around here! Plus we have two bathrooms now...not quite as much sharing. Now, would people please stop reminding me that I have to find a place for this new little one....and all the "STUFF" that goes with it! Thank you!
Now on a lighter note....birthday preparations are in full swing around here! Party countdown is on and let me just officially say that the 3rd birthday is the BEST! Look for more over the weekend and next week!


Melissa said...

Now, I think that your kids' bedrooms combined are bigger than my whole house. :)
I think you could fit 3 or 4 kids in each of those colossal bedrooms!
By the way...LOVE CJ's pink glow and camo...just her personality!
Can't wait for the b-day party!

Anonymous said...

Liking the new look on your blog ~ especially going to enjoy 'things your kids say' and the 'books read' additions!

Looking forward to more.


mom said...

you seem a little testy.....someone could have to come out to Grandma's if the going gets too rough.....