Great laughs!

Okay, first of all if you haven't taken the time ever to read the comments on my blog, you really should. Occasionally my brother leaves a comment and they always make me laugh out loud and I go back and read them again and again. Here's the comment from my last post

"Russ said...
ok now you're showing off. i'm sure there was a conversation that went something like this:

Robin: Sara, I really dont think my crazy son will ever plant his feet and get a ball and chai... i mean wife and kids, so i think you should consider having a few more

Sara: You're right, lets give up on him. Consider me pregnant tomorrow!

But the joke is on you because its WAAAAY cheaper to be Fun Uncle Russ than Papa Russ. I'm super excited:)

And I guess I'll stay in the country to see this thing happen. Well not actually SEE it happen but be around when it does. That would be gross..."

I might just have to print this out and save it for the baby....just so there is no confusion about who the funny one in the family is!


So now I need to tell you and show you about Walking with Dinosaurs! It was AMAZING! It was so much fun to have a "Mystery Adventure" for the kids. Preston was so excited the whole time and when he got up Saturday morning, he said, "Mom, it's our mystery adventure day! Are you excited?" How could I not be excited about our day! I knew it was going to be a great memory for all of us!

I finally told Preston where we were going when we stopped to eat lunch, at where else, McDonalds! He couldn't believe we were going to see Walking with Dinosaurs Live! He had all kinds of questions as well an information that Jeremy and I might have needed to know about Walking with Dinosaurs. (If you don't know, Preston got the movie for his b-day, best $15 ever spent at our house!)

The show was really incredible. The dinosaurs looked real, acted real, sounded real...it was like going back in time millions of years. There was a palentologist who was our guide through the show and told us all sorts of things about the dinosaurs and about the earth during the time they lived. They went through all three periods that they dinosaurs lived and showed various dinosaurs during each scene. The pictures aren't going to do it justice I am afraid. Preston talked non-stop through the entire thing and I was thankful that we were on the front row of the balcony and we weren't disturbing anyone. The other cool thing about our seats was that they were right above the dino controllers and we could watch them move the dinosaurs and it was incredible the way the whole show came together from such a distance. There are a couple of shots that show the palentologist and the dinosaurs and you can see the relative size of these beasts! There are 53 pics on my flicker site, so I am going to post just a few if you don't want to go there and look at them all.

The Ankylosaurus
T-Rex during the comet that killed the dinos
Raptor Feeding - Preston's favorite part
Momma Brachiosaurus

A bird I don't remember the name of - I will have to check with Preston!

Here's the link to the rest of the pics on Flickr.

I am thinking that we will have to start taking at least one mystery trip every year....it was so much fun for all of us!


mom said...

someday his little darlings will change his way of thinking...we just have to get cupid working on a wifee for uncle russ....

Russ said...

hey i actually ran in to cupid the other day. with my car. splattered his wings and little diaper all over the windshield, and there he stayed until I went to the car wash a few days later. i'm not bitter.