Wonder Hangers

This morning as Jeremy was getting ready for work, he asked me if I had ironed his blue shirt yet. The answer was no, because I refuse to drag everything out for one shirt. Preston was snuggling with me and he very seriously said, "Mom, you need to get some wonder hangers." I had never heard of these, so I asked him what they do. He told me that they helped you find your stuff and keeps your clothes from getting wrinkles. And you get one set free, but he forgot how much it costs. And your bonus is 4 free lights! I was cracking up, because I have never seen this particular infomercial, yet he knew almost all the details. I told Jeremy that we have the informercial king!

In other news, today is my father-in-laws birthday! I can't recall how many this is, but I am sure it is a bunch! I don't have many pics of the old man to post. Anyways, Happy Birthday Rodney!

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mom said...

If you find these hangers buy me 2 sets, please.... I love this kid!!! of course he is brilliant!!