Anxious to know

Only two more days and we will know the sex of our baby! I think I am probably the most excited about this event at our house, but then again, I am the one who will have to do all the planning and getting ready. So, in honor of this event, I would like to take a poll....if you take time to read this blog, would you PLEASEEEE take a minute and post "boy" or "girl" in the comments....whatever you think it is! Just curious to see what the population thinks....

I should include a disclaimer for this next story, while not appropriate for children, it came from the mouth of a babe! This next story does contain talk of the female breasts...read on only if you dare!

This story is too long to include in the "Things my kids say" section, but TOO funny not to mention. The other day Cambree Jane was in the bathroom while I was dressing and she noticed that I had my bra turned around backwards (I was trying to fasten it). She looks at me and smiles that mischevious grin of hers and says,

"That's not the way your bra goes for your boo-boo's Momma."

Okay first of all, its adorable that she calls them boo-boo's, because let's admit it ladies, that's how we all really feel anyways! Then she goes on to tell me,

"I don't have any boo-boos."

"You don't? What do you have?"

Complete seriousness replies,

"I have mermaids."

Too, too cute from my little princess!

In other news, Preston got his kindergarten shots today...first of all I can't believe he is old enough to go to kindergarten, but the really earth shattering news came when I discovered that by the time he goes back for his tetanus booster at 11, I will be going for another set of kindergarten shots for the youngest member of the Stapleton clan. Makes time seem to pass even quicker! He did really well today, didn't tear up until the third shot and the tears did fall on the fourth, but they didn't last long....just one or two crocodile tears and he was done! Hope all the kids do that well with their four shots!

Okay, I am working on this little sewing project that I can't wait to finish up and then post pics of later. Jeremy is gone to a class today and tomorrow and so I don't have to feel guilty about sitting by the sewing machine for hours on end, so I am off to wrap up one project! Here's some bike riding photos to tide you over!


Grandma Robin said...

I think it is a GIRL!!!! I think every girl cries over their boo boos, they are eith non-existent, too small, too large, hurt,someone is looking at them or not looking at them, it's always something, I'll take mermaids anyday!!! I love it...

Melissa said...

BOY! BOY! BOY! You know how I am a firm believer in the Chinese Birth Calendar and it says BOY! But...I do have to admit, it has been known to fail me in the past. Maybe I am just hoping for a boy so Owen will have an awesome playmate! :)

Russ said...

boy. with an awesome middle name like russell or something. just a thought.