It's A...


I realize that the 3 of you who read this already know that, but I had to post for myself! Someday I hope to print all these out and make a cute little binder of my "blog". I'm a realist...I know someday this will end!

Anyways, back to baby news! We had our ultrasound yesterday; took the whole fam; had quite the experience! Once the kids got over their shyness (took all of 5 minutes) they talked non-stop. What led to this talkfest? Our baby boy was very wiggly yesterday and was moving all around...the kids thought this was terrific and soon the conversation veered to our "hyper" dog Jack. Oh yes, we told the sonogram-tech all about the adventures of Jack the dog. I don't know if they were entertained or annoyed! I was powerless to control them because I was on the bed cover in warm jelly with a probe on my belly....Jeremy was powerless to control them because, well because he is powerless where the kids are concerned....they rarely see him as the authority figure.

After all the baby measurements had been taken and it was time to look at more exciting things (who am I kidding) like the placenta...well that's when I had to put my foot down and tell the kids they must exit. The techs were talking their sonogram language about my placenta and were it was at...it wasn't sounding like they really liked the looks of things. To top it off, I was having a contraction, so we had to wait it out. This was the point I realized that I could not be cooped up with these kids in a little room while I tried to relax. After 20 minutes of waiting, it was finally down enough to allow them to see what they needed to. I was brave enough to ask if things were in the right places and she assured me that things were fine. The placenta was a little low, but not covering the cervix, so nothing to worry about for now. Dr. Cannata said as long as I don't have any problems it shouldn't be a concern, but if I do start having problems, then he may have another one done to check the location. Baby "W"'s heartbeat was 157, so a little slower than last time, but still really fast.

It is truly amazing how much detail you can see on the ultrasound. He has the cutest little feet, she even took a picture of one for me! So I have his first footprint at 17 1/2 weeks! Can't wait to make that comparison as he grows. We also got to see him rubbing his little eye...SO CUTE! I am really anxious to meet this little guy now. However, if yesterday was any indication of what's to come, then I am going to have my hands full!

So, now about that name. Yes we have a boys name picked out...have had almost since the beginning. The unfortunate thing for you is that you will have to wait until August to find out. It starts with a W, so from this point forward I will simply refer to him as baby W. And trust me, you will be hard pressed to guess what his name is! Feel free to give your suggestions though....it will be entertaining for me.

Okay, I need to get a lot accomplished today while the kiddos are with grandma and jeremy is busy working. Plus I have a lot of plans to think through for the boys room....that sounds so strange!


Russ said...

wong (if he's asian)

these are all good names sis. choose wisely.

Sara said...

All good tries. Unfortunately, you still missed it! KEEP TRYING! I think my fav off the list is Wilfredo...sounds like a country version of an italian dish!

Anonymous said...

LOL ~ I enjoy Russ's natural assumption that baby W could be Asian, I vote Wong!



mom said...

Weston to go with Preston....
/wylie, wade, wesley, wilson,

Russ said...

do not give your kids rhyming names. you saw wirt! on my list right? i think if wirt! is not in the top three then you havent thought about this enough. how about russ for a middle name? wirt! russ. sounds amazing. think about it.

Jenna said...

Walker, Texas Ranger. I think that has a nice ring to it! You can call him Walker T.R. No?

Congrats on your baby boy! Now you can get shopping to replace all the baby stuff you sold!

mom said...

Wayland...LOL Papa says Wes sounds good...William, Willie, Wyler, weldon, I love Wilber in charlottes Web...but for a boy????