J's first b-day

I promised Kara a peak at the pictures from Jaris' birthday party, since I am so slow in getting them to her. So here's my fav's from the day!
The cupcakes I made!

Cute tableware

The candle on Jaris's cake

The Birthday Boy!

x's 2!

Havin' some cake with Grandma!

I just love Kara's face in this one!

Not so happy to be in the turtle sandbox
I Sooooo wish this would have been J's little foot,
because I think this pic is my absolute fav from the day!


mom said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE, I wish I had a cupcake now...Great Photos again...

Melissa said...

Love the pics...and the cupcakes! You are a complete party rolled into one! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a fun time!