Great deals!

Don't you love it when you have your eye on something...something you really like, that would be perfect, that you spend a lot of time thinking about, something that is just outside of how much you want to pay.....

AND when you go back to look at that something one more time (to see if you are really willing to spend that kind of $$) it is MAJORLY on sale and you get to just purchase it! That just happened to me and I am so excited.

I purchased this crib bumper from Melissa for Baby W....she bought it on clearance at Pottery Barn for $26! How awesome is that?! Well, she actually bought this one and another one and decided to use the other for Owen....lucky me, I get to use this one.

So, I have been on the hunt for something for P's bed that would coordinate...the cowboys weren't doing it for him & they didn't match! Anyhoo, I came across this quilt...

I thought it would be perfect...checked with Melissa (she still has the bumper)...and decided it was going to be perfect. PROBLEM...it was WAY, WAY out of the range I would normally pay for kids bedding. So, I sat on it. Looking for something else, always coming back to this. Well today I found something else that I thought I could MAKE work, but before I committed I came back to this quilt one more time! Boy was I suprised when I clicked on it and low and behold it was on sale. I mean MAJORLY on sale...50%! Sold. I got the quilt and shams for less that I had originally budgeted for P's new bedding! Keep in mind that the sheets won't have planets on them!

Now I will just have to decide on paint colors....the boys room needs to have some serious touch-ups done to the original paint job....bad paint, not bad painters!! So I am thinking I might as well do something completely different!

I also need a dresser for one of the boys. Anyone have one they want to get rid of? I am willing to pay/trade, whatever you need! I am looking for a dresser and not a chest of drawers. Call me if you have something or know where I can get one....again, think bargain!

Okay, I do have a few more church things to finish before Easter Sunday, but I was so pumped about my bargain I just had to share!

P.S. Russ I know that you are probably not going to make it this far through this post, but I know you get excited about good deals as well...the el cameno (how do you spell that anyway?)!!!


Melissa said...

I need a dresser too! I am thinking a trip to Canton is in our future! You know the good stuff...in the back lot. Something we could refinish and make perfect! :)

Russ said...

confession: i skimmed to the bottom. and i do love a bargain. you need to come down to this antique store and me and mom went to. where i got my owls!