Need opinions

I am working on a new biz card for the photog business.

This is the front of the card...which I am pretty happy with, but will listen if you have suggestions.

This is one option for the back.

This is another option for the back.

And I just noticed that my email address is missing the (com)...so assume that has been fixed and give me your opinions about the rest. Which back do you like better? The one with more photos or the one that is more clean? And please don't suggest that I use one of your photos for the background!! :) This is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite pictures of all time! Can't wait to try this one with Owen and Baby W when they get here!
And over on the photography blog I am going to post some before/after pictures of the ironwork that I did last week....you won't believe what a difference post-processing can make sometimes!


Russ said...

i like the clean one

Melissa said...

I agree with Russ!

mom said...

I love the soft background with little Quincy's piggies.....