Pretty funny

Even if you aren't pregnant, these are still pretty good!

Count your blessings
• The penis of a rhinoceros is 2 feet long.
• The penis of a mosquito is a hundredth of an inch long.
• The praying mantis bites her mate's head off while he impregnates her.
• Elephants are pregnant for two years.
• Many animals give birth to a dozen or more babies at a time.
• Your baby won't be born with hooves.

This was on the belly laughs section of the online pregnancy calendar I use! 20 Weeks yesterday...that means halfway there! Baby W is making himself known a little more each day...and as my mom pointed out tonight, I am starting to get a belly! Proof that yes, in fact, there is something growing in there.

The kids, especially Preston, have been almost insistent to know exactly how the baby will come out of my tummy. So far, I have been able to put him off, but I don't think I will be able to indefinitely. He is just too inquisitive and he forgets nothing. Any suggestions for that topic!

Later I am going to try and post pics from our Easter Egg Dyeing experience last night. But, this will be the second night in a row that I am home alone with the kids trying to get it all done. So, if for some reason it doesn't all get done again tonight....hopefully before Easter!

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