It's about time the sun has decided to come out from ehind the clouds...it was starting to make me depressed and grumpy (or is that a result of pregnancy hormones???) I am blaming it on the lack of sunshine...as I have felt more like myself the last couple of days.

With the sunshine also comes the motivation to finish up some projects. I am happy to say that I did manage to finish the quilt top I was working on for Baby W, not sure if I blogged about the fact that I wanted to make one. So here's the scoop on that. I have a small problem with reading other peoples blogs and they can be quite a time warp for me. But on the other hand, I get some great ideas and inspiration, like making a baby quilt. I found a pattern that looked relatively easy, picked out some fabric and after about three good afternoon/evening work sessions I had finished the top. I put it in the mail today to my Grandma Betty who will hand qiult it for me. How special is that...W's mom made it and his great-grandma quilted it! I guess now the next step is for me to learn to hand-quilt or to save for a quilting machine, because I enjoyed the process of making the quilt a whole lot more than I thought I would. I can see another hobby developing here. I didn't photograph it before I put it in the mail, but I promise to do it soon. But here's the pattern I used and you can see the fabric I chose here.

In other news, I got really excited about a couple of recipes I have been wanting to try and about actually being home for a full day...hasn't happened in over three weeks! Anyhoo..
I have been on the hunt for a fail-proof cinnamon roll recipe and I got this one from Pioneer Woman (you have to read her blog if you don't know who I am talking about...it's a hoot!) I set to work this morning following all of the directions and I have to say that while they didn't come out looking as perty as Ree's, they didn't taste too shabby! I just need to perfect the art of rolling them. I think the dilemma might be that my dough was too thin, but then again, I am just guessing. However, I do think next time that I will cut the recipe in half. I was too afraid of messing up this time to tinker with the measurements.

I also came across these little cake balls (or bites as we have to call them at our house...something about men and eating something called balls....I don't get it!) And let me just say that while time consuming yes, they are easy and sinfully delicious! I can't wait to improvise on this recipe. Today I used devils food cake, cream cheese frosting and chocolate almond bark....I can hear them calling my name from inside the fridge....and my thighs are just begging for one more before bed! Maybe I should indulge them..
Just this once!

Next on the list of things to do is to get ready for a mother's day lunch. Chicken spaghetti, salad, veggies, bread and cake bites! YUMMMM! This will be the second time in about a month that we have had my parents over for lunch on Sunday (the first was on Easter and come to think of it, I don't think that occassion got photographed or blogged; how sad).

Anyways, the kids think it is fantastic and I have enjoyed it too. It is nice to get to cook for my mom instead of her always doing the cooking. And secretly I want to prove that I can cook just like all those before me! Maybe someday I will master the art of bread making and pies and feel worthy in the kitchen...those are projects for another day though.

The thing I look forward to the most is setting the table and seeing what fun things I can come up with. For this week I think I am going to pull out the cherry dishes and have a bright and sunny theme going on. I will take pictures this time. For one thing it is May 8th and I have yet to start a May photo folder on my computer...that should be a sin!

I have rambled on enough for one evening and haven't really included any photos of what I have rambled about....more for next time I guess!

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Melissa said...

Yummy! Cinammon Rolls and Cake Bites! Two things I would love to have in my belly. Sounds delicious! Happy Mother's Day Best Friend! Have a great one!