Happy Belated, Belated Mother's Day!

IMG_4992IMG_5001I KNOW this is a couple of days late, but I had to wait for all the mother's day festivities to cease so that I could write about them all!


Dinner on Sunday was FABulous! I fixed Chicken Spaghetti and it was a huge hit. Russ said he hadn't had it in ages and Jeremy even commented that my altered recipe was even better than the original! Of course, we like things SPICY at our house, so I spiced it up to suit us. Russ was hoping to take the leftovers home with him, but there wasn't much left when we all got done and so I kept it...and ate it for lunch today. (It was even better the second time around Russ)

The rest was super simple...a nice salad & some veggies & great French bread

I have to tell you about the French Bread though. We had regular white bread and wheat bread. When the bread came around, Russ put a piece of wheat on Preston's plate to which P replied, "I don't like French Bread." Being the irritated mother that I am about stuff like this I smarted back, "Yes you do, it's the same kind that I fix when we have regular spaghetti."

"It doesn't look the same."

Russ intercedes...replaces the wheat with white and says,
"Here, eat this American bread instead."

"I like American bread." Little turd!

We also had these
and these
to top the meal off. The top photo are the cake bites that I blogged about recently. I think they are DELICIOUS and I am sure that the scale will agree with me when I go to my check-up on Friday!

Another funny story is about the "punch" I fixed.

While filling his glass Papa commented, "This sure is good punch, whatever it is."

I just HAD to laugh and say that my "fancy" ice cubes must have done the trick. ( I froze slices of lemons and limes in ice cube trays.) And then I added the ice cubes to regular old Kool-Aid.

You know the powdered stuff in the little packets you add a LOT of sugar to? That's what I used and added the lemon 'n lime ice cubes. And I do have to agree with Papa that it did elevate the sophistication of Kool-Aid!

That afternoon we just hung out with Uncle Russell.
We were going to plant flowers but it was incredibly cold here, so we just vegged instead. And Papa indulged the kids with a reading of "Sweeping Booty." (Cambree's pronunciation, not papa's).

Cambree made silly faces everytime I went to take a photo. I think it was a conspiracy between her and Uncle R.


So the final step in celebrating Mother's Day was to plant the flowers...which we ended up doing last night. The kids went and helped me pick them out and they also helped me "decide" where to plant them. I hope they end up doing okay, because Preston will be crushed if they don't. I think he may end up with the green thumb or at least be the most interested in growing stuff.....might come in handy next summer when we plant our vegetable garden.
( I know that I am putting on the lbs and if ANYONE comments on it, you will be forever banned from this blog....said that mainly to make myself feel better. I know no one reads this, much less takes the time to comment!)
(This view is OK, but I am sure from the street it was SCARY!)


Russ said...

seriously you used that pic of me? i take no responsibility for the face making;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Robin said Mother's Day was wonderful, so I've been waiting to hear about it. Glad you had such a special day of family.

And, ummm, you are creating life, and 'putting on the pounds' goes along with it, just relax and enjoy it!


Melissa said...

I love the story of the "spiffed" up Kool-aid! I will have to try that trick. So easy and such a hit!
And...hey don't even talk about pounds...it is all about the baby. And remember my GIGANTIC belly! And really pretty small kid I had! Mine was from the chocolate donuts I ate EVERYday at school. :) You look great!!!