Kitchen Mayhem

I was going to paint our kitchen cabinets white, but after seeing this and reading this blog

I am SERIOUSLY thinking going black....anyone? What do you think?

And this picture just proves that convincing my mom to use an old screen door (that she already had) for her pantry door was a BRILLIANT MOVE! Your welcome mom!

This picture also makes me think white is the way to go in the kitchen....someone please help me!!!


Anonymous said...

Tough decision! I really like that black but then looking at your mom's white kitchen I'm leaning towards white!

Anonymous said...

I am so seldom asked for interior decorating tips (and there is a reason I am not asked), that I can't help but put in my two cents!

First, I do love the screen door idea. Creative, cute and 'green' (by reusing).

With your U-shaped kitchen, will black just be too much? In the picture some of those black cabinets have open faces, so it wasn't just a solid sheet of black. Would you be able to incorporate a little space like that?

With three kids, will white just be ridiculous? Constantly cleaning off grubby paw prints?

I have faith that whatever you decide, you will find just the right decorative touches and highlights to pull the whole thing together and make it look like it was born there.


Melissa said...

Ohhh! Tough decision. I like both the black and white, but I guess since it is summer/spring time the white draws my attention. So bright and airy! Ask me in the winter and I will probably say black! Sorry... not much help!

Sara said...

I have black and white poster board hanging in my kitchen right now trying to decide! And to your point Traci, yes I was thinking of removing some doors and putting all my Fiesta in there...very colorful I think. I will post pictures tonight or tomorrow for you to see. I am leaning towards the black because I have the creamy colored tile backsplash and counters and they don't seem so "dingy" with the black as they do with the crisp white! Better yet, why don't you guys just come up some evening and take a look for yourselves :)!

mom said...

just go with your instinct for what is right for your home, remember, it's ONLY paint, and can always be repainted....you have a wonderful sense of creativity...my dear it's genetic....poor JDS,, he will never understand???