T-ball teaser!

Here are some pics from our second practice last weekend....


We had our last practice before our first game last night and boy was it FUN! Preston got to play catcher and thought that is the best place to play...you get to see the most action {besides 1st base}. The coach handed out their shirts and he changed into it immediately. Then as we pulled out of the parking lot, he wanted to know if his game was going to be on tv {unfortunately ESPN does not carry small town t-ball at this time, but I am considering writing a heavily worded letter about that!}


After his bath he wanted to know if it would be all right to just sleep in his shirt, so he would be ready for the game when he woke up. I said sure and his next question made me chuckle out loud...

"Do you think I should just sleep in the car?"


I think that might be going just a tad overboard there son!




Anonymous said...

Yeah Preston! I wish all first year tballer's were as gung-ho about playing as you are! Have a great game!


Melissa said...

Ohhh! I am so excited to come and watch a game. It is wonderful that Preston is so excited. Those pictures just really say "Summer is Here!"