My Grandma

The whole fam had dentists appointments today and while sitting in the waiting room with Cambree we had an encounter with a man named Gary Moore.

He sat down and asked if we were from Comanche county. I said we were, Coldwater to be exact. He grew up around here and lives between Medicine Lodge and Sharon now. He still has some cousins and second cousins that live in/around Coldwater and Protection.

We carried on quite a lengthy conversation and he mentioned that he was there with his sister. She was having a bought with cancer and he had driven her over for her dentist appointment. Then he mentioned that, in fact, she still did her banking in Coldwater with Jim Herrington. I mentioned that my grandma used to work at that bank before she passed away.

He sat there, obviously trying to think who I might have been referring to. So, I offered up her name, Loretta Frazier. Immediately his eyes lit up and and he said the thing that everyone who finds out she was my grandma says,

"She was a sweet lady. Something special."

And my heart makes its way up into my throat and I get goose bumps and I ALWAYS think to myself,

"Will people say the same thing about me when I am gone? Am I doing the things she would do? Would she be proud of me? Am I being the example she taught me to be?"

The people who speak so highly of her will never really know the impact they are making on me. Maybe those people aren't as "coincidental" as I think they are...who knows. What I do know is that every time I hear someone refer to her as {special} it touches me and I think how truly wonderful she was. If these random, daily acquaintances think she was special, just imagine what her Granddaughter thought of her!!!

{Sadly, I don't have any digital pictures to post of her and I don't have a scanner, but if you are ever at my house you will see her picture prominently displayed. Just ask me about her...I would love to tell you about her!}


Anonymous said...

“Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.” – Albert Einstein.

Love ya,

mom said...

Please pass the Kleenex... she would be SO proud of you and love your children more than I do....You think they are spoiled now...if she was here it would be OVER THE TOP>>>>!!! she will always remain SPECIAL in my heart!!!