Weekend Creativity

The house is relatively clean, things are almost in line for Alyssa to babysit while I am gone this week and the laundry is clean, it just needs to be folded.

The kids are with their Dad.

What is a girl to do when most of the work is done?

Play of course!

So that's what I did this afternoon...on my new laptop I might add! Yep, Jeremy took the hint {or guilt trip} and bought me one for my birthday. Okay, technically, I ordered it myself, but you get the idea! And I LOVE IT! Now I can sit in the recliner or on the couch and work away {work is used loosely here!!}.

This is a little mini album that I am working on for Cambree Jane. I eventually will get to Preston, but I had this "girly" background to work with and decided to start there. When it's all said and done it will fit into name badge holders {you know, the plastic ones?} and then assembled with some adorable type of binding. I don't know if I will let her carry this around with her, but probably add it to a basket in the living room that the kids can look through as they wish.

If I was super creative I would have added some quotes, life lessons, etc that I want her to know, but for now just enjoying the pleasures of being little is fine with me!

Cambree badge album cover

Cambree badge album pg 3

Cambree Badge Album pg 2

Cambree badge album pg 1

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