Shootin' Family

Well it's official...

We are a shootin' family! We all love the feel of a firearm in our hand, the sound of a shot being fired and the ping of the bullet hitting the target.


On Sunday, Preston got to use his dad's old chipmunk rifle. To a boy of 5, this is a dream come true!


First Papa demanded some target practice and by the time I arrived, Preston was all set to show me just how good he had gotten. In fact, he had learned to shoot the peep site and didn't end up having to have a small scope put on. {I don't know who was happier, Preston or Papa!}

Upon completion of his shooting demonstration, Preston wanted me to shoot his gun and see if I could hit the target! He was quite impressed that I hit it the first time....and I was reminded of how much I enjoy target shooting.


And, of course, you know who had to prove that she could shoot as well! {She is just adorable, no matter what it is she is doing!!}


Once it was proven that, yes, in fact, Mom can hit the target Preston was ready for Papa to take him on his first Jack Rabbit hunt. {You may remember that he has shot a cottontail before}.


I was so glad that I happened to be there for this joyous occassion! It was such a riot to ride in the pickup with Preston as we "hunted" for a jack rabbit and then to watch the whole process of him shooting it and claiming his kill.


Every little boy should have the chance to go rabbit hunting with his Papa and have his Mom there to document the whole event!

Preston rabbit collage


Anonymous said...

Happy for Preston, but slightly disturbed with the photo collage at the bottom and the pic you took of just the dead rabbit! Glad everyone had fun though!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I agree with Traci but then I just laughed. I hope to see it on Preston's next birthday invitation! :)


Sara said...

I knew the last photo would disturb some of you, but I was pressed for time and had to get the post finished! The reason for the photo is the all important photo of the kill for the hunter to keep for a lifetime and brag about to future generations. "This is the first jack-rabbit that I shot." Hopefully it doesn't keep any of you from continuing to read about our adventures!