Surviving Day 1

Well we officially survived day one of cheerleading camp! It was a long and exhausting one though. We left Protection yesterday morning at 6:45 AM! Stopped in Coldwater & picked up a few more girls and then off to McPherson we went!

I was prepared for the long day....baby was not! He didn't appreciate all the noise that goes on around here. Loud music, screaming chicks, giggly girls...slamming dorm doors....you get the idea. He made his presence very known yesterday and is right now telling me that he wants NO PART of what is going to go on today! My legs are a tad bit swollen and achy, but alas I will survive!

The girls had a great day. Lots of information thrown at them in a short period of time....Information overload perhaps. But they did an awesome job at evals last night. The were evaluated on 3 sidelines they learned and they came away with a blue ribbon and a spirit stick {which let me just take a moment to say, this award has lost some of its luster...all squads get one these days....but it is still fun for the girls, so that's what's important}.

After some stormy weather and a middle of the night thunderstorm I think we are ready to go and tackle another day!


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