4 LONG weeks!!!

I am at 36 weeks with this pregnancy, so that means, the longest 4 weeks are upon me! I honestly have to admit that I am glad this is my last pregnancy because I think they get worse each time....maybe it is just my older, more out of shape body reacting differently, but either way, I'm not a big fan!

Last night I spent 2 1/2 hours having really hard contractions, the kind that make you stop what you are doing and take your breath away. I was just about convinced it was the "real deal" and then Jeremy walked in the door. Something about him being home and trying to HELP out, made my body realize that now was not the time for this baby to come.

I am just hoping that when I go in for my check-up on Friday that these contractions have been doing something, making some progress. I may cry the whole way home if they don't!

I have been a little slow posting our fishing pictures from before we went to K.C. so here are a few of my faves!

Preston, the fishing guide, providing simple instruction to his little sister!

Trying to patiently wait on our bobbers to move...not having as much fun as we thought!

Yes, that's me in a jacket in the middle of July! It was cool that evening after the rain and I had on a tank-top! It came in handy though because C.J. got cold too! I also love the way she looks in this picture...dirty pants, P's old boots, somewhat crazy hair...this IS Cambree Jane!

Picking out lures!


Anonymous said...

4 weeks - you can make it! I know it is hard and you are ready for him to be here, but it really is better for him to stay where he is a little longer. I know you don't want to hear that, but it is true!

Hang in there,

Anonymous said...

I will CARRY my cellular device til the baby comes home!!! Think COMFORTABLE thoughts!!!