One Month From Today...

We will be starting school!

Can you believe that school here at South Central is starting on August 11th! The flip-side of this equation is that we are going to a 4-day school week this year. It has been highly debated and hotly contested, but ultimately it was decided that it was the cost-saving measure that our district needed to survive.

I admit, I don't know enough about school funding to really make an educated guess as to what would happen if we didn't have enough money to operate. Isn't there some sort of law that public schools are required? Would they just shut down due to lack of funds? Would the teachers have to work for less pay? Like I said, I don't know the answers to these questions, I just know that at least for us we won't have that big of a change.

In Preschool, Preston only went Mon-Thurs, so this is really nothing new for us. Honestly, I am not that disappointed in the decision. I enjoy having that day at home with the kids...no work, no school! Plus it gives us a day during the week that we can get things done, appointments, outings, 3-day weekends! Preston is not really understanding the whole concept though, because all he heard at the end of the last school year was that once he got to Kindergarten he was going to have to go longer days and an extra day during the week. Now he will only be going longer days and he just keeps telling me that he is SUPPOSED to go an extra day. He will be glad when he realizes how exhausting all day kindergarten will be!

As for CJ, we still don't know if she is going to be attending preschool this year, but I hope we find out soon! We have back-to-school shopping to do and this fantastic backpack to order.

Yep, that's the one she picked out. Not the cute pink one or the lime green with flowers...the Mariner Blue Grid Camo one! I tried my best to convince her to get a girly bag, but it was hopeless. Of course, when she showed her dad which one she wanted, he said,

"That will be awesome!"

I am not sure I have ever seen him look prouder!

The other bonus to school starting so early, is that I probably won't have to worry about missing the first day of school due to labor! However, Jeremy does think Mr. W is coming 2 weeks early, so that could put a kink in the school plans! We shall see...

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Anonymous said...

My family would LOVE a four-day week! I hope you will enjoy it.

Also, I don't know yet if Atleigh got into preschool and it is driving me crazy! They said they'd let us know in June! Ugh ...