Our day has been a long one to say the least! There are many details I could write about, but I am exhausted and ready to turn in. HOwever, I feel the need to post and let you all know what is happening with my father-in-law.

After a fantastic day visiting with friends yesterday, I fell into bed and into a deep sleep. When the phone rang at 1:00 am I was so delirious I couldn't figure out what that "noise" was! I happened to be Jeremy's mom, Janis, calling to say that his dad, Rodney, was having chest pains and they were in Pratt at the hospital. And they were going to send him on to Wichita.

To make a long story short, they did a hearth cath late morning, early afternoon today and found that he in fact did have some blockage, but that the location of it makes it impossible to place a stint in. Therefore, he will be having bypass surgery in the next day or so.

Like I told Jeremy though, it is better that they have caught it now and can do it relatively easily and without many complications, rather than having to do it as an emergency and there being more risk.

I am off to hopefully get a good nights rest and get geared up for what the next few days hold for our family! Please keep us all in your prayers.

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