Vacation Post...Finally!

I had good intentions of posting about our vacation much sooner, but Flickr was giving me all sorts of trouble and I just now got all our photos uploaded. It just wouldn't have been the same to blog about vacation without photos!

Here are the kids waiting for mom and dad to get all the "junk" loaded into the car so we can G-O!

Vacation 2009

We got to Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City at 3:00 pm on Sunday and our room wasn't quite ready yet, so we hit the waterpark....FULL FORCE! The kids went crazy and hopped from one thing to the next quicker than Jeremy and I could keep up! I finally had to lay down the law and explain to them they could NOT just keep running around so fast. They HAD to wait for the adults.

After a good 3 hours of swimming and playing we were tired and hungry. Our room was ready so we dressed and headed out to eat. One of the best things about Great Wolf Lodge for our family is that Famous Dave's is right across the street! If you have never eaten there, then you are definitely missing out! The weather was so nice that we were able to eat outside and it was a lot of fun...something out of the ordinary for our family, plus much more relaxed with kids. The cutest thing happened while we were there....

The give you a small plate of fries after you order so that you can taste all of their barbeque sauces. We set out sampling each and every one. When all had been tasted {with the exception of Devil's spit...seriously?} I asked Preston which was his favorite. He, very seriously, replied, "The Rich & Sexy" which is really this

Vacation 2009

I am hoping he has no idea what sexy actually means and I would REALLY like to know where he picked up that word!

Saturday was more of the same...swimming, play, make sure Jeremy and I were completely exhausted. We did take a time out after lunch to head over for what I thought was going to be a short trip to Cabela's {I REALLY should have known better}. The kids were fascinated with the fish and Jeremy had to pick out a new hunting blind, so it was a longer trip that I expected. Jeremy got a blind, Preston found some camo water balloons to use for his b-day party, Cambree picked out a hideous camo hunting shirt {sure to be one she will wear endlessly} and I got a hooded sweatshirt off the clearance rack {which came in quite handy during our game of mini golf the next day}.


Back for more swimming before we called it a day. We swam a little more Tuesday morning before we left. After we got done swimming, we went out to play a round of mini golf. About the 3rd hole I realized why they don't charge for 3 year olds!


All in all we had a wonderful time and it was just about the right amount of time to be gone with the kids. Any longer at GWL and I'm not sure Jeremy and I would have survived! We were both so tired on the way home...we decided we needed another day just to recover!


Here's the link to all the photos if you care to take a look!

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