Update on Rodney

Rodney had his open heart surgery yesterday and they ended up doing a triple bypass. The surgeon and the heart doctor are both very pleased with the way it went and they think he will do well. He is still in the cardiothoracic ICU and probably will be until tomorrow. Originally we thought he might be out this evening, but they weren't able to take the breathing tube out until about 11:30 last night. Today he is having trouble keeping anything down and they finally gave him some medicine to keep him from throwing up. Still in a lot of pain, which is to be expected at this point. The outlook right now is that he will be able to go home 4-6 days once he makes it to the floor....probably 6 if I know Rodney!

Jeremy and I came home with our two kids and Jace today. Jeff and Janelle are staying in Wichita for at least another day and I felt really sorry for Jeff...we hadn't been there 20 minutes this morning and it was obvious that the kids were not going to do well for a second day in a tiny hospital waiting room. We had already decided that I would keep an eye on Jordyn and Jeff would take the bigger kids out to do something when Jeremy came out and said we would just head home. He had some things to check on at the ranch and a cast to put on the leg of a calf. We left around 11:30 and made it home around 2:30.

The kids don't seem to be too tired, but Jeremy and I are exhausted!!!! I have started having a lot of contractions since Friday and a lot of intense back pain....so I know the next 6 weeks are going to be trying for me, but I guess the reward at the end will be worth it.

I'll post more when I know more. Thanks for all the prayers, phone calls, emails and texts over the last 4 days. We appreciate them more than you know.

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