Heavy Photo Post

This post is to get some of the things I have been meaning to get done, DONE!

chicken wire frames-3

chicken wire frames - 1

chicken wire frame-close up

The next set of pictures are of W's crib bedding. Melissa bought it from Pottery barn on clearance and I got it from her for a steal! I paired it with Wal-mart sheets and you can't even tell the difference!

W's bed_color

A vintage twist on the photo...just me goofing around with Photoshop!

W's bed_B&W


close-up crib bumper

Now, you remember back in the spring when I wrote that I was working on my first quilt and that it was going to be a baby quilt for W to use. And then I didn't take any pictures of the process or the top before it was quilted....I am regretting not taking the time to do that now. Anyways, I sent it to my Grandma Cornelius and she HAND-QUILTED it for us! It is just fantastic. I don't know if W will like it or not, but I envision him carrying it around and snuggling with it for many years to come!

The entire quilt
W's quilt - full

Look at this Amazing hand stitching!! I really need to take time to have Grandma Betty teach me how to do this...it is a fading art and it is something I can remember my Great-Grandmother and Maw-Maw doing while I played at their houses!

W's quilt - close up hearts

I can't wait for him to get here and be on this quilt on my floor {with his big sister hovering over him I'm sure!}
W's quilt - floor

Kitchen Project!
Here's a really terrible picture of the cabinets that are done in the kitchen. The lights were casting an orange glow and it was too dark with the light off to take without the flash. So, here is one of only 5 pictures taken with a flash in the last 9 months!

kitchen cabinet re-do west side

I have come to accept that this project is NOT going to be finished before I give birth, but this little portion that is complete makes me feel so good. I just wish I had the drawers painted and then the entire west side of the kitchen would be done! I can tell that I am going to LOVE it though!

And Finally...

The Allen clan got together last Sunday as the Grand Finale to the Come On Home to Coldwater celebration. We never take a group picture....this year it was time for a change.

allen - clan

I am sure that mom has some more pictures of people up on her facebook page, so if you are on facebook check her out. If she doesn't have any up, send her a note and ask her what's up!

Whew! I feel better getting all that off my chest and now hopefully everyone will see that indeed I haven't been just sitting in the chair hour after hour, even though that's what it seems!

Our big Back-2-School party with the granparents is tonight, so look for pictures and stories tomorrow!

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Melissa said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of the projects! No I have this burning desire to do some of my own! :) You rock! I just want you to come to my house and do some projects for me. But I am thinking you are going to be a little busy in the coming months! :)