Today It's Okay

that I am sitting in the chair surfing the web.

that the to-do list isn't getting any marks for tasks completed.

that the living room is covered in toys.

that the kids are watching cartoons so I can rest.

I am almost 38 weeks pregnant...it's okay to give myself a break today and just do nothing. Pretty soon, I will have plenty to do and all the things on the to-do list will still be here tomorrow or even a week from now.

I think it must be genetic that I find it incredibly hard to just sit and rest. I have very few memories of my Grandma just sitting and taking it easy and very seldom does my mother. Something inside us compels us to get up and get moving, even when the "have to's" are done around the house. There is always something to be done, like now.

But just for today, and maybe tomorrow, I am giving myself permission to just be!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you've had a great, relaxing, don't worry about doing anything kinda day!