Let Me Just Say...

T G I F!!!!


Okay technically, it is still Thursday, but just the thought of knowing that when I wake up tomorrow {without an alarm!} it will be Friday! That means, no work and I can finally get some serious nesting done.


Yep, I am officially nesting now and the list of things that I want to get done just keeps getting longer and longer. Each time I accomplish one task I think of another to take its place. And sometimes I don't even get anything finished before I add something else to the list.

{Church Ice Cream Social}

On top of all that, school starting on Tuesday is throwing a kink in my plans. When Preston started Preschool two years ago, we started the tradition of having the grandparents over for a Back-to-School dinner. Originally we held it on the evening before the first day of school, but two years has taught me a lot.

Getting a 3-4-5 year old to wind down after an evening of non-stop grandparental attention is next to impossible. AND that 3-4-5 year old is very grumpy the next morning. So, this year we are having our tradition on Saturday evening.

Of course, this can't just be 'dinner' either...there must be decorations and table decor and fun things related to school. So, besides trying to prep the house for Mr. W to arrive, I am trying to keep things "normal" for the other two.

{Cambree on bank parade float}

I honestly, don't know how people have more than 3 kids. I don't actually have three to take care of, but somehow I feel like I can't keep up with the two I do have while I try to take care of the one still growing inside me. Bathtime, for instance, keeps getting harder and harder every day.

Why? Because it is incredibly difficult to sit next to the tub and help rinse hair. Oh, I am sooooo ready to be back to normal and it must be clear to everyone, because Preston said to me today, "Mom, maybe once you get skinny again, you can run and race me!" I had to giggle, but part of me wanted to thump the little twirp! On the other hand, at least someone has faith that one day I will be "skinny" again!


I am off to prioritize my nesting to-do list, clean up my flickr account and hopefully get some shut eye!

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