I have about jumped off the wagon several times since yesterday's post about "Kickin' the Habit".

I have decided that the person who first invented soda must have been a mother looking for some way, ANY way to keep up with her children.

It's like Melissa and I were talking last Friday, you almost feel like you have to have the soda for the stamina you need to keep up with your family.

I keep trying to look to the future and how glad I will be when I have reached the 21 day mark and what a difference it will make in my life, and hopefully the rest of my family as well.

Traci commented that she finds my challenge inspiring, crazy, but inspiring! I definitely agree that this is crazy and HARD. Inspirational....glad she thinks so!

{Image from Rhonna Farrer}

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Katie said...

Sara ~ Thank you for your sweet words and prayers. They mean so much!

Your family is too cute.