a day late and a goody

Here's Westynn's Wednesday picture from this week.  Our cousins Jace and Jordyn are here from Iowa and we are so excited to see them again and introduce them to baby brother.  We are definitely going to be tired by the time Sunday rolls around though!

Here's part of the goody that I worked on today.  Can you guess what it is?  I am trying to get some projects done while I am home...sometimes easier said than done!


Here's what it is! Who likes it? I even made myself a new camera strap cover out of the scraps!

I just LOVE aprons and I think everyone should have a cute one!  I am thinking about making several and giving them for Christmas presents...what do you think?  I have even entertained the idea of making some and trying to sell them....don't know if I have that much time though.

Okay, it is off to bed for the night because I know a little boy who will almost certainly be awake at 5:00 am and I know a momma who will most certainly NOT want to wake up!


Meg said...

I love it Sara! I love cute aprons too...and sure would buy one if you were to sell them!

mom said...

EVERYONE needs a CUTE apron....with pockets....