Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday Pictures

It's been four weeks since Westynn made his arrival here in the world. I can't believe it has been this long already. This time it may be going more quickly than the previous two. Probably just seems that way because we have so much more going on around here.

Wednesday Pictures

It doesn't seem like there is near enough time to just sit and snuggle and be still and quiet. That is why I am really thriving on our night time feedings. While I do wish I could get a little more sleep, these few nightly moments are the only ones that I get to have Westynn all to myself. It is quiet {except for Fox News in the background}, there is no one asking me to get up and do something and there isn't anyone that I have to get after for being all up in my nursing business.

Wednesday Pictures

Westynn's Papa Jene is over the moon with this little boy and I think if it was up to him we would have lots more babies in this family. This Wednesday picture was actually Papa's idea. One evening he mentioned that he should wear his Harley Davidson shirt and Westynn could wear his and they could take a picture. Papa Jene bought this shirt for Westynn while he was still in the womb and we just thought it was adorable...it's too bad that little chubs is already about to outgrow it.

Wednesday Pictures

And did you notice that Westynn is wearing shoes for the first time. They are officialy OSU Cowboys shoes that Uncle Russ got for him, but they matched the HD shirt with the black and orange so it was fate that he had to wear them. Plus I figured this way I had proof that in fact Westynn did wear them at least once! Don't worry though...he does have a pair of OU shoes as well, they just won't fit him for awhile!

There are so many things that I am trying to enjoy about Westynn right now. The thing that I get the best kick out of is the way that he holds his hands while he is nursing. Sometimes he rests his hand on his own belly, sometimes it's resting on my belly and every once in awhile he grabs ahold of my shirt. That last one just cracks me up because when he does it, it looks like he is holding on for dear life!

The other thing that I have a hard time enjoying, but I am really trying hard is all of Westynn's grunts! You should hear him...he sounds like an old man. Most of it occurs while he is having a bowel movement or while he is passing gas. The downfall of all his noises are that I don't rest well because of it and that when his tummy is bothering him he is very restless. I am slowly starting to figure out the things that upset his stomach as well as the things that help relieve his pain. Mylicon has become my best friend as well as lots and lots of rocking and holding tight.

I am sure the next week is going to fly by. Before I know it, it will be time to post his 5 week picture!


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Great pictures ~ great memories!