Cambree's Room

After a year of living in this house, Cambree's room still isn't complete. I don't think it bothers her much, but I sure will be glad to get it how I envisioned it when we moved here.


I had these mirrors in our bathroom at our other house, but didn't have enough wall space in the bathroom here, so they are above Cambree's dresser instead. Someday, she will love having so many places to look at herself! And the canvas paintings on the wall, well I just painted those one afternoon...I thought they would be cute. They sat on top of her dresser for entirely too long. But now they are pleasantly hanging in this little nook and I love them here.


New knobs for her dresser....no more red knobs in her pink room! She loves them & so do I!


It has been a huge dilemma for me trying to decide what to put above her bed. I wrestled with a vinyl rub-on or a large portrait. I couldn't find the perfect picture or decide what type of rub-on to use. One day at Hobby Lobby these rub-ons where half off and I decided to just go for it. Plus I have always loved this saying, "Thank heaven for little girls." The butterflies came from Company Kids many months ago and were on clearance for $11. It turned out to be about a $25 treatment above her bed. And I think it turned out pretty darn cute. Plus, my mom just can't get over these rub-ons and she just LOVES this above CJ's bed. Thanks to her for helping me get it all up.


Probably my favorite part of her room now is this...


This clock used to hang in my office at the other house, but again, no office here and no place to put it. CJ rescued it and fell in love with it, but it was one of the other things that just couldn't seem to find the "right" spot in her room. The other day when we were fixing up her room, she told Grandma that she wanted it under her window! I figured why not? It's her room and it's something that she loves. I am confident that it will be knocked off the wall multiple times.

All that's left is to get another wire flower from Hobby Lobby and to hang it and two shelves. Oh, and get some new curtains. The pink ones that were casting such a horrendous pink glow in her room have been taken down and will not be going back up. Her room is so much more pleasant now!

Boys room is next on the list!

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mom said...

I love the clock at 'her' height...a perfect little room for a sweet little 'gell'.....I am sanding a dresser today for the boys....