6 years old!

IMG_7995 copy

Happy 6th Birthday to my precious firstborn! And just like you told me on Friday, I Love You more than 10 universes too!

We always have birthday cinnamon rolls on the morning of, whoevers, birthday since we rarely have a party that day. The kids look forward to it & I think their favorite thing is getting one with sprinkles & a candle, while the rest of the family sing happy birthday!

I don't know about you, but I love birthdays & the traditions we celebrate.


mom said...

Where have these past 6 years flown off too??? He is still just a precious as the day he was born...he Just talks more!!!!LOL

Melissa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESTON! Wow...such a big boy. Just think mom...ten more years and he will be driving! :)