Fantastic Fall Friday

{I just love it when I can make titles where all the words start with the same letter...have you noticed?}


I first saw the idea for these here. Since Halloween will be upon us tomorrow, I thought a more fallish, thanksgiving theme would be most appropriate. These took about 20 minutes and the hardest part by far was getting the label off! A little goo-gone though and we were good to go. The patterned paper and embellishments were from a digital kit I got here and printed out on cardstock.

I already have plans to give one away, but the second one is up for grabs. If you are interested, leave me a comment and I will send it your way...JUST FOR FUN AND BECAUSE I LIKE YOU!!


Anonymous said...

You can post Halloween pics under "Super Spooky Saturday!" Did you keep the Army theme going into Halloween?


MOM said...

I love this...make me one I will take it to the BANK!!!! I have a bottle of GERM XXXXX