Sooooo... interesting thing happened tonight at dinner.

Everyday I always ask Preston how school was, what was for lunch, snack, favorite part, least favorite part, etc.

Tonight was the same typical answer.


Except tonight it was followed by this...

"I got on the stop sign though." {Said while shrugging shoulders and averting eyes}

Jeremy said, "Uh-oh" at the same time I asked, "What happened to get on the stop sign?" 

I think it was a combination of both of us talking at once and Jeremy making it sound like he was going to be in more trouble.  This is the first time Preston has been off green this year {that I know of} and I was interested to hear the story.

Anyways, Preston immediately broke into tears and couldn't speak.  He started to get choked up and had to go to the bathroom and take a time out before he could finish telling us about his day.

To make a long story short & because I still didn't understand exactly what went down, he and some other boys were playing/fighting and it got ugly!

I am conflicted about my feelings.  On one hand, I know that Preston knows better than this and I was a little relieved to see that he was upset by the whole thing.  To me, it shows that he is realizing that his actions have consequences and he obviously didn't want to let us down.  On the other hand, I guess I haven't done a very good job of teaching him about peer pressure and making choices to do the right thing.  I know he is still little and trying to learn the ropes of friendship/school/play.  This won't be the last of these types of things I am sure, but one thing I can say with certainty is that I am so thankful these instances are few and far between!

Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start and God's mercies are made new again! 

Hopefully Preston is picking up on this little thing from us!

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