Strength & Confidence

This post will not include pictures of my children...I know, hard to believe! But it does pertain to them.

Last night was a particularly rough one. Westynn has the same head cold that the big kids have, only problem is, he doesn't know how to blow his nose! I can't believe no one has figured out a way to teach a 2 month old to do this. I tried to suction it out, but most of it was too far up there to get...I know, gross, but true!

Needless to say, he was very restless all night and kept me up with him through most of it. Thankfully, I did get some good sleep from 10:15 to about 1:00 am. After that it all went downhill. And to top off the morning, I sat up in bed to change Westynn's diaper and as soon as I ran the wipe over his cute little hiney, the poop starting coming! All over me, my pajamas, the sheets, his little toes...It was everywhere!!!!

I am referring to it as the "diarhea shot" because that is a perfect description of what transpired. It was diarhea and it just shot out of him like a bullet! Okay, I am starting to feel better already, just getting this out there.

So, back to the real reason for my post. I didn't find this event to be quite so entertaining this morning at 6:00 when all I really wanted to do was to lay back down and try to snooze for another 20 minutes. Instead I am stripping the bed down to the mattress as well as myself down to my unmentionables. Westynn is just hanging out on the floor, half dressed, just as content as can be. Like he wasn't awake most of the night or that he just made a huge mess in my bed!

I was feeling quite sorry for myself...you know how it goes,
"Poor me. I'm tired. That poop is never going to come out of my sheets. I am soooo tired. I don't want to go to work with a fussy baby. Poor me."

As I sat down for breakfast at my desk {yes I eat at the desk so I can look over my to-do list for the day and refresh my brain of all that is to be done before bedtime} this little pink book was staring at me from under my computer monitor. It's called "God's Promises For Moms" and my mom gave it to me several years ago for Mother's day. It's tiny, not quite 3x5, so you can keep it with you.

I pulled it out from under the monitor and opened it up.

Chapter 1: Decision Making and Wisdom - not what I need this morning.

Chapter 2: Patience and Compassion - might fit the bill, but let's keep going.

Chapter 3: Forgiveness and Peace - that's not it.

Chapter 4: Strength and Confidence - Ah yes, this is what I am to read this morning.

Here's the prayer that I read followed by a verse, all of which turned my perspective on this day around 180 degrees and I felt ready to face the challenge of a day of sick, fussy kids with strength and confidence!

"I'm tired, Lord, and weak.  Pull me into your strong arms and let me rest; if only for a moment.  Renew my strength with the endless supply of your own.  Bless me with the sure confidence that can come only from you.  Lord, let that confidence be a witness to my children.  Help them learn that when they feel tired and weak, you will strengthen and uphold them.  Give them power to face life's challenges, but most of all, give them strength to live for you always - no matter what happens.  Give my children the confidence that comes from knowing you are ever with them - guiding them, protecting them, and always, always loving them.  Enable my children to share your love with the world each day as they live to honor you.  In Jesus' name. Amen."

Powerful words that went right to the heart and soul of this momma! 

"Pull me into your arms and let me rest; if only for a moment"...I found that moment there at my desk.

"Renew my strength with an endless supply of your own."....I felt strength return and I no longer felt exhausted and exasperated.  I felt new and strong, but I know it is not my own strength, but His that filled me.  Then the prayer turns to my children and the strength that He can give them. 

My throat gets tight and my eyes get watery as I think about how on this Thursday morning, while there are so many other things going on around the world, things that seem so much more monumental and important than me, that God spoke to me through this little tiny book!  Isn't it just amazing that He reaches out to us, even when we don't think we need Him, and lifts us up, right out of our circumstances and blesses us beyond measure?  We most certainly do serve a Wonderful and Magnificent God!!

"Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."
Isaiah 40:31

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