Party Plans


There are only two full days left to prep for the party of one PFC Preston Stapleton!!!

Yikes! I am starting to wonder if I set myself up for failure on this one. I have really high expectations for this party...hope I don't let myself down :). Really, I just want Preston to have a spectacular 6th birthday party and when he told me that I am the best mom for planning an army party for him, well that just makes me want to go the extra mile!

Last night was favor night. During the afternoon I worked on printing the bags {yes, that's right, I ran the lunch bags through my printer}. I like the way they turned out, once I let go of my perfectionism and decided that the kids wouldn't care about the "extra" ink that was getting on them.


Inside our bags are pencils


customized from oriental trading company, some green army men and some commander crunch! {I just came up with that, pretty cute!} It's actually just a snack mix of Crunch 'n Munch, M&M's, teddy grahams, mini oreos and a fall mix of mellow pumpkins and candy corn. Supper easy and supper yummy! I found the camo baggies in the dollar bin at Target back in the spring/summer.


These canteens won't actually go into the goody bags, because Preston wants to drink from them at the party and I think that happens to be a great idea. After they get a good soaking {pretty strong plastic odor} I will put their names on them, so their is no confusion on party day since there is so much sickness going around.

Today I worked on water bottles for the grown-up guests and sealing the goody bags. I think I am about to the point of waiting. Most of what is left is to set up the backyard for boot camp and to work on the cake and cupcakes. If time {and children} permit tonight I will be working on cupcakes picks that look like american flags.

Before I end this post, I have to share just a couple of pics of our birthday party at school. Preston shocked me by requesting brownies...it was a nice suprise though, because brownies are quick and easy.


This is Preston standing in front of the class while they sang Happy Birthday to him and gave him 6 birthday claps.


I know that Preston loves his sister because he was so excited to let her help pass out the treats and to sit by him at his table. He even let her walk beside him in line from the pep rally to his classroom. It was so cute to watch as a mother, but that's a post for another day.


So far, our 6th birthday celebration has been a fantastic one!

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Anonymous said...

You are a great Mom ~ lots of creative juices flowing! Hope the weather holds for the party!


mom said...

the party will be ahuge sucess becasue it is prepared with tons of love.....such GREAT memories...!!