Dec 16 - Gifts

What are you most excited to give this year?


Oh! How I wish I could tell what I am most excited to give, but the person receving it is probably reading this blog...and I don't want to spoil the suprise!

I really hope this person likes it though!  I believe they will because it is something I have heard this person mention often and I know will put to good use.  My only concern is that I chose the right "style."  It can be hard when there is more than one option, you know what I mean!

What runs a very close second is the gift I think Santa will be bringing our whole family!  It should be a ton of fun!  I can't wait!  If I ever had a minute alone I would be tempted to pull it out of the box and try it myself!

In the spirit of Christmas, here is a gift idea I read that I thought was pretty cute and useful.

Batteries with a tag that says "Hope you have the energy to make it throught the holidays!"

Who can't use batteries?  Plus they are calorie free!


"Blessed is the season which enagages the whole world
in a conspiracy of love."
- Hamilton Wright Mabie


mom said...

you can tell me....Cambree is just dying to tell...I will keep a secret....LOL HO HO HO

Melissa said...

I am loving your wrapping paper!!! Super cute. I just love wrapping presents. I wrapped a few tonight...so fun!

Anonymous said...

Our children receive their Santa gift and stocking. From their father and I they each receive three gifts. One thing they want, one thing they need, and one thing they can share.

As Ashlind get older, he tends to stretch the idea of want, need and share. This year he WANTS an XBox 360, he NEEDS XBox 360 games, and he would share a Nintendo DS game.
He is going to be sorely disappointed, as none of the above were on my shopping list for him.

Anyway! That is what we do. Want-Need-Share. Want is dictated by their extensive lists. Need is usually shoes or socks or belts or something similar. Share is a board game or movie we can watch together. We found ourselves not knowing when and where to stop with the gift giving, so we started this and it has worked great for us!