Dec 22 - Childhood rituals

"What specific recollections do you have about your childhood rituals that stand out in your mind?"

Okay I am starting to feel really bad here. And old!  Either we didn't have too many "rituals" and just did things however they came about from year to year, I have blocked it all from my mind, or I am getting old and can't remember.  Which of these is the case, I'm not entirely sure.  Maybe a little of all three!

So, instead I will talk about some rituals that I want/have started with my kids.

Last year, since they were both too little to write a letter to Santa, I thought it would be fun if he wrote letters to them.  I actually got the idea from a website and blogged about it here last year!  I plan to do the same thing again this year and each year from here on out!  They loved it and thought it was very special.

We are also making more of our focus on the birth of our Savior than on the presents that we get!  This year on Christmas Eve we will be opening a book called God Gave Us Christmas and reading it before bed.  I would really like to have 24 Christmas books, so that we could read one each night as we wait on Christmas day to get here!  Hey, if I buy one book a year, we will be there in 24 years! Ha.  Maybe I can catch a good after Christmas sale or garage sale them this year!  Anyways, just random thoughts there...

Cookies and milk and carrots for reindeer! Of course!

Happy Birthday Jesus Cupcakes!

Sparkling Grape Juice!

Christmas morning at our house...no exceptions!

Having the kids place the ornaments on the tree!

Sugar cookie baking and decorating!

Choosing a child from the Christmas Angel Tree, shopping for them and wrapping up their gifts!

WOW!  That seems like a lot of rituals and expectations, but really when it is spread out over the course of a few weeks, it's not that bad!  And I just LOVE experiencing it all through their eyes and sharing the joy they have!

"Christmas day in the company of children is one of the few
occasions one which men become entirely alive."
- Robert Lynd

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