More Christmas


On the 26th Russ and his girlfriend Megan were able to make it up from OKC to have Christmas at moms. They brought Russ's new puppy, Berlin, and CJ was in HEAVEN all day. Not so sure how Berlin felt about the whole day though!


Mom got a pink Kitchen Aid mixer from us and Jene. We think she liked it, but due to an untimely comment about not giving kitchen appliances as Christmas gifts, we still have our doubts! :)


Russ got a million and one tools to work on his bikes! He was thrilled and couldn't wait to open each individual tool from the plastic packaging!


Papa Jene got a wedding proposal! Yep, Mom asked him if he would marry her all over again. She bought him a new wedding ring and he said the funniest thing when he opened it...

"She went to Jarod!" {said in high pitched female voice!}

There was much laughter, but we are pretty sure he said YES!


Papa also got a marshmallow gun, but I think the kids had more fun with it. I am sure that Sophie will reap many benefits from this little contraption! I am also quite confident that we will find marshmallows around the house for the rest of our lives!!


Cambree unloaded Westynn's gift and I laughed so hard at her that I about wet myself. She kept holding on to things as she got them out and at one point she said, "How much stuff do I have to hold?" Said with exasperation!


Cambree got a HUGE bottle of ranch dressing, along with some pink Chuck Taylors, lots of craft supplies, a cute skirt and sweater, and some day of the week socks! She loved it all!


Preston got football shoes and I don't think he has taken them off since that day! He can now officially play football and he even went out and tested them out...they do indeed make him faster! He also got some army guns and some nunchucks for the Wii! He was also a happy camper!

There are no pictures of J and I opening our gifts, but we got some good stuff too! Jeremy got a gift card to Cabelas and a multi-tool. Both of which he loves. And we both got new pillows.

I got lots of good stuff and I plan to blog about {most} of them individually, but here's the lowdown...Flip camera from Russ {see previous post}, green chuck taylors, a HUGE canister, cupcake measuring spoons, potholders, cupcake liners, sprinkles, 3 gigantic decorating tips, red fiesta bowls, chapstick, kitchen scrubbers, christmas dishtowel and spatula, microfiber cloth, bath scrubber, bubble bath, pink broom and dustpan, cute rubber gloves. I apologize mom if I missed something, but that canister was so full of stuff I can't remember it all. I LOVE everything and I have already worn my shoes, used my camera, ate chili in my bowls, baked cupcakes with new liners and decorated them with my new tips, added some sprinkles. Used my christmas spatula to scrape the mixing bowl. Used the bath scrubber in the shower. Applied chapstick to my dry lips. Swept my kitchen floor several times with the broom. Slept on my new pillow. Washed dishes with my new gloves.

Megan got a lot of kitchen type stuff too...I was too busy opening mine to keep track of what all she got! We gave her an apron and an apothecary jar full of her favorite candies. That's one thing we have in common, a love of candy! She fits right in with our family...we sure hope she gets to stay.

Tomorrow we are celebrating with Jeremy's family, so there are sure to be more gifts to report and probably a funny story or two as well!

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