New Opportunities

Well it is day one of 2010 and I have already received my first new opportunity of the year!

I ran downtown to Duckwalls this morning and while I was there ran into my mom's hairdresser. I had sold her an apron for her daughter and I was asking her how she liked it. She told me that her daughter just thought it was wonderful! I was excited just to hear that part of the story, but then she went on.

{Sidenote: Every fall they hold a craft show at her daughters house in Dodge...Mom and I have been each year and they have wonderful things!}

So, back to the story, she asked me if I would like to be part of their craft show with my aprons! WOO HOO! I couldn't say yes fast enough! Now I have visions of all the sewing and apron making that will be going on around here...

But I have a dilemma. I never really intended to start a sewing business {and I am sure Jeremy never dreamed I would when I asked for a sewing machine for my birthday last year!!}, but now that I have I want to see where this will go. I don't want to limit myself to just aprons...I would like to make other kitchen linens, towels, potholders, etc and maybe even branch out into some childrens clothing...have you see all the adorable girls twirly skirts and pants out there? Too cute!

Anyways, I also want to start putting them on Etsy, but I am going to need a name for my shop. This is the part where you, my dearest friends and family come in. I need your suggestions! Please help me here. I will do the sewing, but I need your creative thoughts on a shop name. Leave them here in the comments and we will go from there!

I can already see that we are going to have to add on to the house so that I have enough room to leave my sewing machine set up 24/7 and for all the fabric that is going to invade this house!

And just because I can't leave with out a picture, here are the new aprons that I whipped up earlier this week for me and Cambree.



They are super cute on!

p.s. Thanks for your help & Happy New Year!


mom said...

heres a few that popped in to my mind..

Tie One On!!
Cook 'N Class
Sara's Sweet & Sassy
The Happy Hostess
Retta Jane's ( in fond memory of Grandma Loretta in the kitchen)
Kiss The Cook
Make Mine Happy
more to come I'm sure....

mom said...

This Isn't your Grandma's Apron